Make Your Internet Faster [With Google DNS] [Router/Windows]

Make Your Internet Faster [With Google DNS] [Router/Windows]

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Today’s post about Google public DNS which is a way to make your broadband faster than your default broadband Open DNS. Domain Name Servers (DNS) maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Follow Steps and Switch to Google DNS :


Steps For Router:

Step 1 : Open a browser and enter the IP address of router to access administrator panel.

Step 2 : Enter password and login to the network setting.

Step 3 : click on advanced setting.



Step 4 : Click on DNS Setting tab.

step 5 : Replace addresses with the Google DNS.]]

Step 6 : Click on OK. Close the browser and restart the router.

Step 7 : You successfully switched to Google DNS.

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