Windows Security Error

Windows Security Error

These files can’t be opened trick to unblock Windows Security Error fixed solved fix final solution tricksuniversity

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Today I download a program that contains .bat file when I try to run by double click I got this error. I also try Run as administrator, but error still there.

The error is “These files can’t be opened”
And I got a hint from bellow line ‘Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened ‘. The error is because of Internet Explorer.


Steps to solve:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open Internet Options and select the Security tab.
  3. Now select Restricted sites icon and then select Custom Level.
  4. Now In new window will open where all settings are listed according to their categories.
  5. Now, under Miscellaneous category. “Launching Applications and Unsafe files”.
  6. Now, change the setting to Prompt.
  7. Now click OK and close Internet Explorer.
  8. Now the problem is fixed. Now, execute file without any issues. 
After finishing the work with that file, make sure to restore Internet Options to defaults.