Laptop Screen Dimmer

Laptop Screen Dimmer

Laptop Screen Dimmer Tool 2017

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Reduce your screen brightness with this simple tool.

About :

Dimmer is a small utility designed to provide brightness adjustment for laptops or any LCD/TFT/LED screens that either dont have or lack proper brightness control.

Requirements :

.NET Framework v2.0+

Installation :

Dimmer does not have an installer, simply extract all files into a directory of your choice and run Dimmer.exe directly or from a shortcut pointing to it. To uninstall simply delete all files.

Operation :

The utility adds a small icon to the system tray, from which you can change the settings. The opacity adjuster starts at 5% because below this value its almost the same as if you are not using Dimmer and ends at 95% due to the fact that 100% is total black and  you wont be able to adjust back if you don’t see where to click.

File Size: 37.5 KB

Download link :

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Source :

Developed by : Nelson Pires